Crystals for baby Witches | Zodiac Compatibility & Properties

Mysticum Luna Crystals for baby witches, zodiac pairings and crystal properties

Crystals for Baby Witches

Wether your starting your spirtiual journey or just looking for a little back up in day to day life, Crystals can help aid you through diffcult stages and mental blockages. When starting to look at Crystals it can become overwhelming trust us we know the feeling, as there are over 300 known! Hopefully this Beginners Guide to Crsytals can help kick start your love for them!

Mysticum Luna Rose Quartz Properties, ruling planet and zodiac pairing
Rose Quartz
Planet : Venus 
Element : Earth
Zodiac : Taurus
Rose Quartz is one of the best Crystals for a beginner Witch or even someone just looking for a bit of help in life. It is often referenced to as the "Love Stone", this goes all the way back to the legend of Aphrodite’s blood-stained on white quartz when she cut herself on a thorny bush to save her love Adonis from Are’s war. The properties of this Crystal are :
- Strengthening love or romantic relationship
- Awakening sensual creativity
- Empties suppressed negative emotions
- Controls disagreements and personal conflicts
- Blocks nightmares and gives happy dreams
Mysticum Luna crystals for beginners amethyst
Planet : Uranus
Element : Air
Zodiac : Aquarius 
If you are looking for the most popular crystal Amethyst is one for you! It is considered the most powerful and protective stone. It is known for its ability to help Anxiety and to sleep, helping to bring emotional balance since it centers one's emotions, giving people the ability to deal with both emotional highs and lows. The healing qualities of Amethyst :
- Relieves an individual from stress and strain, fear and anxiety
- Opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities of a person 
- Produces a calming effect to the mind hence keeping people focused and aware of occurrence in their surroundings
- Helps aid sleep at night. It further helps in remembering and understanding of dreams
- Protects from all types of suffering including spiritual assault
Tigers Eye, Crystal for beginners, zodiac pairings and ruling planet
Tigers Eye
Planet : Saturn
Element : Fir, Earth
Zodiac : Capricorn & Leo
Commonly Tigers Eye can be seen to represent the colours of an actual Tiger, it is thought to actually symbolise the animals strength, bravery, and courage. Its one of the most historical Crystals dating back to 

the early Egyptians as they were charmed by the Tigers Eye and they used it in their famous sculptures as the deities actual eye! It has many properties that help on the daily :
- Relieves its bearer of any distress and negative energy 
- Amplifies psychic abilities and eventually leads to opening third eye
- Develops willpower
- Uplifts spirits and helps overcome emotional hurdles 

Crystals for beginners, Howlite properties and ruling planet


Planet : Mercury
Element : Air
Zodiac : Gemini
Howlite is the crystal of compassion, perfect for all you Geminis out there - this crystal perfectly balances this zodiac out. It appears as a white hue which is often linked to the Crown chakra!  The properties of Howlite are : 
- Help you to stay engaged to astral planes
- Aids in the treatment of insomnia
- Gives your spirit the vitality to complete their transformation
- Reminds us to pause and examine all the options before reacting
Labradorite crystal for beginners, ruling planet and zodiac pairing
Planet : Venus
Element : Water
Zodiac : Scorpio & Sagittarius 
Known as the "Stone of magic",  Labradorite specialises in spiritual ability making it the perfect aid for all you baby Witches out there! If you are in need of a crystal to help with physicic protection this stunning crystal is ideal, aswell as commonly sourced meaning you wont have trouble getting your hands on it! Labradorites properties are the following : 
- Helps protect from inside and out
- Removes insecurities
- Aids to increase faith and trust
- A magnet of good luck for misfortunes
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