COVID-19 Update | Mysticum Luna Gothic Jewellery


REAL TALK!! We haven’t made a statement around COVID-19 yet, purely because we know as much as you do! We’re taking all measures to ensure the correct steps are followed in the office and have stayed in our office until the bitter end. All of our equipment and office space has been fully disinfected and we will be making this a routine check. The overall building is kept to a high standard as we have a regular cleaner. The cleaner is active in the communal areas and toilets.

As it stands, due to the current lockdown in the UK, we are no longer able to ship items on a regular basis. As this is a crucial period for small businesses, please still support those you love! Shop local where possible, buy from your local cafe or corner shop. We are the businesses that may not be able to bounce back. This is a vital time for so many sole traders. The larger corporate companies will stay afloat much easier than those of us with little to no support from the government.

When planning the year out for our little gothic jewellery business, we didn’t plan for things like COVID-19. So, please be kind during this time. Our customers are not just a number, we know so many of you by name because we sit and hand write every single one of those little notes in your orders. If you have any queries regarding your order, please do not hesitate to email us at We may be very busy during this time so allow up to 5 working days for a reply. Our current plan is to move to 'reduced shipping'. This means we will aim to visit the office once a week to post items. I will do this alone and will see no one else during my time packing the orders. And of course, hands will be washed throughout the process. We promise you will get your items eventually, it just may take longer than expected.

Stay safe and take care of those around you!

Keep an eye on the Royal Mail website for delivery disturbances in your area!

Paige & Hannah xxx