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Gothic Jewellery

If you didn’t already know, most jewellery makers are absolute hoarders, and I’m no different. Throughout my lifetime i’ve collected mounds of jewellery, so I guess that’s why Mysticum Luna became a thing? Whether it’s a vintage piece, handmade or mass produced, rings have always got my heart racing. Chunky metal or dainty designs, gothic jewellery has always, and will always be my weak spot. In this post i’ll be going through my top 5 rings and my favourite places to shop for alternative style jewellery. With every new city, brings a new ring – so apologies in advance if you’re lusting after the handmade ring I found on a random back alley in Norway.

Gothic Jewellery

Baphomet Ring bought from Mirage at Bloodstock Festival

If I had a penny for every compliment this ring’s received, I’d be loaded! Unfortunately it seems you can’t purchase their rings online, but we’ve traded along side Mirage for the past 2 years, so i’m pretty damn sure they’ll be at Bloodstock 2019! Without a doubt i’ll probably be buying more rings from them this year too (see the other Mirage rings at the bottom of this post). Although i’m a big fan of Stainless Steel Jewellery (hence all of our jewellery being made from it) my Baphomet ring is 925 silver. It’s been great for day to day wear and hasn’t tarnished as badly as some of my other silver rings.

Gothic Jewellery

Plain Cross Ring by The Great Frog

This ring holds some serious memories, it takes me right back to my days of living in the big smoke. I’d spend my lunch break working on Carnaby Street staring into the glass cabinets of London’s best handmade jewellers for gothic / biker jewellery. After almost 5 years of wear, it’s got some serious scratches and dents, but that’s one thing I love about it. It’s seen the world with me, Bali, Norway, Berlin – I never leave home without it. TGF have always been an inspiration, the craftsmanship that goes into their jewellery is one of the reasons I went to college to study silversmithing after University. You can see the rest of my Great Frog pieces at the bottom of this post.

Gothic Jewellery

Handmade Labradorite Ring by Noomaad

What a find this was, after a long afternoon walking the streets of Oslo, Norway, we stumbled across the cutest little craft market, brimming with shiny things. Another inspiring creative, the owner of Noomaad talked to me with ease, from where she had sourced such beautiful silver and Labradorite, to the inspiration behind her designs. Labradorite is always my gemstone of choice, hence the Labradorite Scorpion Ring above. ‘Wearing or carrying Labradorite allows one’s innate magical powers to surface’ – Of course I want more magic in my life, with a side of jewellery that’s pretty damn nice to look at.

Gothic Jewellery

Crypt Coffin Ring by Mysticum Luna

I can’t help but self plug when it comes to rings (sorry!). Our Crypt Coffin ring is my number 1 in terms of releases at Mysticum Luna. Back when I first started, I created a notebook of (really badly drawn) designs, and the coffin shaped gemstone ring was always jumping out at me. To say I’m proud of the increase in quality of our work would be an understatement. The next ring you’re about to see is the first ring I ever made in college, and as you’ll see, we’ve definitely improved over the years. My love for this ring is so bloody great that we went and released it in 3 colours! The perfect addition to any gothic jewellery collection, this ring is simple but perfect for everyday wear.

Gothic Jewellery

Ta-Da! My First Ring by Me

I know, I know, it definitely has room for improvement, but it ain’t too shabby for a first attempt! Putting all of your energy into a piece of wax is a labour of love, but I still wear it with pride because it reminds me of where I came from and where I want to head. Writing this post has filled me with creativity and gently reminded me where my love for jewellery came from. I’m super excited to continue designing and making new pieces, because generally speaking – jewellery is my god damn life.

Gothic Jewellery

Death Stalker Scorpion Ring by Mysticum Luna (coming soon). Plain Cross ring by Great Frog. Michael Rodent Skull Ring by Great Frog. Coffin Ring by Great Frog. Citrine Ring – Vintage. Sephira Rose Signet Ring by Mysticum Luna.

Crypt Coffin Ring by Mysticum Luna. Lucid Crypt Coffin Ring by Mysticum Luna. Leviathan Cross Ring by Me. Planchette Ring by Mysticum Luna. Orb Weaver Spider Ring by Mysticum Luna. Baphomet Ring by Mirage. Raven Ring by Mysticum Luna.

Labradorite Ring by Noomaad. Snake Ring by Mirage. Nocturnal Bat Ring by Mysticum Luna. Double Skull ring – street market, Newcastle. Spider Ring by Mirage. Band Of Skulls by Great Frog.

Pentagram Ring by Cleopatra trading. 666 Ring by Mysticum Luna. LUNA Ring by Mysticum Luna (no longer available). WITCH Ring by Mysticum Luna (no longer available. Croix Ring by Mysticum Luna (no longer available). Garnet Ring – Vintage.

Cross Ring – Street Market, Norway. Crone Ring (SAMPLE) by Mysticum Luna, Maiden Ring (SAMPLE) by Mysticum Luna. Bone Ring by Mysticum Luna (no longer available). Cauldron Ring by Mysticum Luna (no longer available). Small Skull Ring – Unknown but here’s a similar ring.

Triple Goddess Ring by Mysticum Luna (no longer available). Opalite Ring by Shanya. Fly Ring by Vivienne Westwood. Tiny Black Onyx Ring – street market, Norway. METAL Ring by Me. Spider Ring by Mysticum Luna (no longer available). V Shaped Ring – street market, Norway.

For all my fellow gothic jewellery lovers out there – go fourth and start your collection!