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I’m not going to lie to you guys, the furthest my alternative fashion is pushed nowadays is an oversized T-shirt and black leggings, ESPECIALLY over winter. Hibernation mode is in full swing! Big coats, hoodies and thick socks are all I can think about. I sit at my desk at work like a human marshmallow. However, every now and then I get a little flurry of imagination!

This time it all started with a pair of boots. I’m your typical all black everything kind of girl, but I have a soft spot for any shade of green. I stumbled across these boots online and was instantly transfixed. (Super dramatic about a pair of boots I know). This was the emerald green, pointed toe, velvet heaven kind of transfixed. I purchased them on a whim and prepared myself to receive them, get scared about the idea of *shock horror* COLOUR entering my wardrobe and cleared a space in the back of my closet for them to sit happily for the rest of my days. They arrived, I put them on, and I swear they’ve been glued to my feet ever since. Best decision ever.

Anyway, enough about the love of my life (the boots). And onto how I’ve decided to style them for Spring.

OOTD – Outfit Of The Day


I picked up this dress from the nightwear section of Primark, they also had it in an amazing Zebra print, but ya girl isn’t brave enough for that just yet! It’s a really simple piece that works well with layering and can easily be worked into an alternative fashion look. It’s definitely long, but it has two splits up either side, incase you’re a little saucy. I’ve teamed it with a plain white long sleeve top I picked up from H&M. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t wish I could go out in my Pyjamas, so this dress made all my nightwear as daywear dreams come true!

Belt by Topshop

White long sleeve – H&M

Beret was an Ebay find

Boots by Public Desire


For the cooler weather we’re still enduring in gloomy England I’ve decided to go for one of my many faux-leather jackets to complete this alternative fashion look. For really cold weather simply add a scarf and hoodie underneath!

Sunglasses were another Ebay find!

Faux Leather jacket by Primark

Type O Negative pins were a Download festival find!

The Devil’s in the Details


Hoop Earrings – Mysticum Luna Orb Weaver Hoops

Spider Necklace – Mysticum Luna Orb Weaver Necklace

Cross Necklace – Mysticum Luna Osteomancy Necklace


Left to right

Penny Signet Ring – I found this piece in an Antiques shop, it’s a 1915 British 3 pence piece set in Silver. I saw it in a cabinet and asked to try it on, rings (especially antique rings) rarely fit me as I have such small fingers, but this fit me perfectly so I knew it had to come home with me!

Large Black Cross Ring – I picked up this beauty from a shop in Norway (not realising until I got home that it’s by Alchemy England!)

Viking Long Boat Ring – This tiny Viking longboat signet ring was another find from my travels in Oslo, Norway. I picked it up from a Christmas market, it’s one of my favourite pieces to wear and it reminds me daily of the beautiful Norway!

Plain Stainless Steel band – Ebay find!

alternative jewellery

Left to right

Evo Engine Ring – I found this piece in Afflecks, Manchester. I clocked it straight away because I’m an avid motorbike fan and knew I had to have it!

Spider ring – Mysticum Luna Orb Weaver ring to match my hoops and necklace.

Celtic Knot ring – I was gifted this simple Celtic Knot ring after I was Bridesmaid at my Dad’s wedding as my Step-mum is Scottish and they were married in Scotland so this ring seemed fitting! Its the only ring I never take off.

Skull ring – Bought in Afflecks along with my Evo ring because I was looking out for a pinky ring that fit me and this little devil did the trick!

All of these rings I wear on a daily basis and they’re all my current favourites!

Keep your eyes peeled on Coven Coveted because we’re going to be updating weekly.

Hannah xo