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The art of sage burning (or sage smudging) is a Native American practise said to lift moods and abolish negative energy.

This ancient ceremony can be performed for a number of reasons and can be performed as frequently as desired. For example, it can be used to cleanse a new house if it has a negative feel. It can also be used if there is an air of negativity in your space. It can be used to lift spirits and bring a calm to your home.

As this is an ancient ceremony it is necessary to have the correct attitude when approaching sage smudging, it should be performed without any distractions such as phones, loud music (calming, low volume music is fine) or outside interference. It can be performed in a morning to bring on a day of positivity, or at the end of a stressful day to invoke a peaceful sleep.

The ceremony

Sage should be burned in a bowl, preferable made of clay. It should be lit with a wooden match. When it starts to smoulder that is when you can start the ceremony. It is custom to sage yourself before anything else. This can be done by using a cupped hand and drawing the smoke around you. Starting at your head going all the way down to your feet.

If for example you are performing a ritual in a home you should make your way through each room starting at the front door using either your hand or a feather to waft the smoke into the whole room. Make your way around until you reach the back door (or full circle back to the front) this acts as if you’re pushing the negativity out of your home. The sage can then be left to smoulder in the bowl until it has turned to ash.

You should also treat the remaining ash with purpose, as this is the remains of the ritual. The ash should not be left in the home and it should be disposed of correctly. It should be placed on the outside of your front door if you have just completed a home cleansing. Otherwise it is believed that the ashes should be returned back into the soil and should be treated as such!

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