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Shopper’s Guilt

I very rarely shop and I very rarely treat myself. I’m very much a saver as opposed to a spender, and whenever I DO treat myself I feel huge amounts of guilt. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a bit broken, like why can’t I let myself have a little retail therapy with the money I earned without feeling so, so bad afterwards. I usually end the inner battle with myself by listing some of my old clothes on Depop or eBay, as if I have to sacrifice some of my old purchases to make room for a new one. A prime example of my shopper’s guilt is when I decided to purchase my Demonia boots (see below!).

I’d been lusting after these boots for months and my rule is; ‘If it’s been over a month and I still can’t get *insert ridiculous purchase here* out of my head, buy it for God’s sake’. These boots were £95, even thinking about spending that much on myself made me sweat. But after some gentle convincing via Paige and my boyfriend I finally caved. These boots are now glued to my feet, they have seen numerous festivals, chopper shows and they’re comfortable enough for everyday wear. I certainly got £95 worth of wear out of them.

This scenario is applied to both online and physical shopping. I go shopping with intentions of buying something maybe once or twice a year. The last time my boyfriend and I went shopping he was determined that I should buy myself something. I settled on a dress from H&M (outfit of the day below!) that I instantly fell in love with and the guilt was REAL. I’m not sure if I just believe there’s better and more important things to spend my money on or if I’m that used to not spending money on myself that it now it feels very alien.

Shopper’s guilt is something that seems to be getting worse the older I get, maybe this is a sign I’m an actual adult now?

One Houndstooth Dress, Three Ways To Wear It – Outfit of the Day

After my Green Boot revelation (which you can read about HERE) I decided to really branch out with my outfit of the day clothing choices. OK kind of.. I mean this dress is tiny Houndstooth, which is a little more daring than all black (to me anyway)

outfit of the day outfit of the day

I absolutely love the style of this dress! A dress like this is perfect for the warmer weather we should hopefully be getting soon (fingers crossed). In the meantime I wore this out a couple of weeks ago and teamed it with my black faux-fur coat. I’ve worn these boots to death, I like my shoes to look worn as opposed to pristine. I also prefer this model of shoe without the harness attachments (they’re attached by pop studs so you’re essentially getting two boots in one!)

Houndstooth Dress – H&M

Boots – Demonia Assault 101

outfit of the day outfit of the day

I LOVE this top, I bought it from one of my one of my friends who was selling it on Depop. It has all the 70’s witch vibes that I love. It’s oversized on me so it’s perfect for layering on top of dresses. Here I’ve simply tucked it into my belt so it looks cropped and rolled the sleeves.

T-Shirt -Unsure of original make, bought second hand off Depop!

outfit of the day alternative fashion

A little something for the colder weather! This black cropped jumper has been a staple in my wardrobe for a few years and I think it looks super cute teamed with this dress.

Jumper – H&M

Sunglasses – eBay

The Devil’s In The Details – Outfit of the Day

planchette hoops planchette necklace

Necklace – Mysticum Luna Planchette Necklace

Hoop Earrings – Mysticum Luna Planchette Hoops

Lipcolour – Kat Van D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Ludwig

LipGloss – Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Plumsup

Details on my rings can be found HERE

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Hannah xo