5 Simple Self care tips to stay witchy

5 Simple Self-Care Tips To Stay Witchy Throughout Lockdown

The days are getting darker, the weather is getting gloomier, and to top it all off, we have to get through yet another national lockdown! Last lockdown, it was easy enough to sit out in the sunshine in your garden, or get lost in endless hours of TikTok videos… But this time, it’s harder to stay positive through the long, dark days. So, we’re gonna talk self-care, protecting your energy and how to stay witchy throughout Lockdown (2.0). Here are our top 5 simple tips for you to protect your energy and spirit this winter!

1. Create and cleanse your space

Clear a little corner of your room, study, or even just your desk to dedicate to your spell books, candles, crystals and flowers. You can even go ahead and decorate it some more with lights and your favourite Mysticum Luna jewellery! Even frame a little photo of someone or something special to keep there (Hannah keeps a photo of Peter Steele by her desk and he keeps her working hard every day!). No matter how you decorate it, be sure to create the perfect haven for your witching and dreaming hours. If you haven’t already, you can cleanse this space and your main living space with a herb bundle or incense.

Having a space dedicated to something you enjoy allows you to fully immerse yourself into it and is great for separating this time from the rest of your space! Feng shui for LIFE!

2. Read up on your spells – Take the time to learn!

You’ve probably heard this a million times already but, really, being stuck at home with nothing else to do can be so good for you and pursuing things you’ve always put off. Whilst we’re stuck inside, prepare for when we get out! Whether you spend this time reading more to engage your mind, learning spells and potions, or taking on a new hobby – be sure to keep at it! We know how easy it is to stay in bed all day and be super unproductive (trust me) and, honestly, we need those days! But consistency is key to mastering something, so even if you set aside just 10 minutes of your day to focus on something you love or want to pursue, by the end of this lockdown you’ll be 1000x more skilled at it!

3. Keep up with your coven

Now, this might be an easy one for some, but keeping in contact with your inner circle is CRUCIAL. Remember – we’re all going through the same lockdown and a simple message from a friend can make all the difference. To stay witchy all winter, you’ll need the mental and emotional support from your closest friends and family. Set aside a time in the evening where you can have a group call with your friends and family at least once a week! Keep your support network close and look out for your friends! We definitely recommend a creepy (or Christmas) themed quiz night!

4. Experiment with styles

No, we’re not saying shave off your entire head of hair just because it’s lockdown and no one will see (but, then again, why not?). This one was actually inspired by you guys! Now is the perfect time to rejig your wardrobe, accessories, hair style, makeup – everything! Even redecorate your room! Try out a different look, a different style and treat yourself to something that you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t think it was ‘you’. You’d be surprised at how much your style can develop through experimenting! And we all love a good makeover! If you’re experimenting with any of our pieces – let us see by tagging us in your photos on Instagram @MysticumLuna !

5. Get outside!

Okay this one may sound pretty non-compliant with the lockdown rules, but here us out! If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or live near a park or beach, get outside and take a walk! Reconnecting with nature is not only good for the soul and mind, but also the body! These three things all feed into each other and may require a bit of extra attention during lockdown. It’s also a great way to get away from your screen and disconnect from the digital world.

It’s so easy to look at the dreary weather and decide it’s best to stay inside for the day – and there’s nothing wrong with that! But spending even a five minute walk outside in the fresh air will do wonders for your health – both physical and spiritual.

If you’re someone who LOVES the outdoors, set yourself a little quest! Places like parks, forests and woods are abundant with all sort of mystical and mysterious beings – you never know what you may find! Now is the time to collect herbs, flowers and stones to take back home.

Whatever you do this lockdown, make sure you are looking after yourself FIRST! 2020 has been a long year but we’ve learnt and grown so much – and we know you have too! We’ve got so much planned for Christmas and the New Year that we can’t wait to share with you! Whether we go into another lockdown in 2021 (hell forbid), or you’re in a rough patch and feeling a little lost, we hope these simple self-care tips help you to stay witchy no matter what!

Lots of love, always,

ML xoxo

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